About Maria

Maria Terranova  

Licensed Aesthetician, ITEC Certified

Forever Fresh Skincare was started by Maria Terranova out of a passion for helping women feel beautiful from the inside out. Using all natural techniques and skincare products. Skincare for Maria started in 1988 when she opened her first day spa in Phoenix. After a successful career in in real estate, Maria’s passion has ALWAYS been skincare.

Maria focuses in anti-aging techniques because at age 60 she understands the struggle to not look as young as you feel. And with today’s technology and treatments  there is no reason to not look younger at ANY Age.

Microneedling is her speciality. Microneedling has the ability to give you firmer more radiant skin. Why use fillers and toxic chemicals when you have the assistance of your own body to make you look and feel beautiful. That’s why Maria uses all natural clinically tested and quality skincare products. 

Maria discovered naturopathy and natural techniques during her diagnosis and battle with cancer over 15 years ago. Since then she has been on quest to find and use natural processes that are healthier to the body, mind, and soul.